Friday, 8 April 2011

hyuna style~~~

seksi like hyuna~~
hyuna style~~~

like hyuna....

Hyuna kim~~~~

Dance like hyuna~~~~

                         INFO HYUNA~~~

Position in the Group: Rap
Nicknames: Kim Force HyunAh, "Best Aegyo" HyunAh (acting cute), 키며나 / 김효나 (Kimyeona/ Kim Hyona – misheard versions of her name)
Language: Mandarin, Korean 
Hobbies: Cooking, customing clothes, watching movies, doing Selcas (self cameras)
Education: Korea High School of Music and Arts (currently attending)
Favorite Artistes: Beyonce、Pussycat Dolls、Rain、BoA 
Favorite Color: Yellow 
Former Group: Wonder Girls 
Previous Works: 

  • featured in MTV Wonder Girls Season 1 (~late 2006 / 2007)
  • featured in Wonder Girls debut mini-album "The Wonder Begins", 2007
  • featured in MTV Wonder Girls Season 2, 2007
  • featured in a Crown CF, 2007
  • co-Mced MBC Music Core, 2007
  • appeared in MBC show "7 Octave", 2007
  • featured in Cyon Bboy Championship CF, 2008
  • featured in TBJ’s campaign Love Actually, 2009
  • featured in AJ’s track "2009", 2009
  • featured in AJ’s MV "Dancing Shoes", 2009

- She washes the least, according to her members. 
- She sleeps without shorts at night.
- She likes the song "Like the Beginning" by T-ara.
- She (used to be) Jokwon's (2AM) ideal type.
- She is Shindong's (Super Junior) ideal type.
- She is friends with 2AM members and had vocal lessons from 2AM's Changmin.
- She is scared of chickens. She is easily scared in general.
- She has little love affairs with all her members.
- She is the daughter of the group.
- She lost weight by taking the stairs instead of the elevator.
- She is an amazing dancer. 
- She likes getting revenge.
- Good friends with Sohee and Sunny (Invincible Youth).................


Tuesday, 5 April 2011

my birthday 2010
with my fren..

ni time birthday sy thn lalu...paling sok kna suprise
oleh kwn2 keja..nasib ada kwn tlong sponser cake tq michlle,
tp kciannya c leng2 x dpt join pla time tu bos bgi dia cuti
p dateing...hbis cake kmi mkn hahahaa kcian x tuk c leng2
next time la leng....hihihiiii

BURUKNYA muka dpt cake...

thnku my fren clebrte my birthdy..luv u...

Sunday, 3 April 2011

with my fiancée…huu  sy jmpa ngan my fiancée x la romantic mcm romeo n juliet…ceh!!buli2 lar…pa ja sya mta dia bgi tp kna ceramah dlu la bru kna bgi hahaahaa ~~~time msi bkwn pnya lar control tu perangai shit!!bila ingat blik huu~~~lucu oo, skrg na x tw malu lgi ni x control2 x tapis2 lg mw smua org yg bcinta pn mest la mw cover2 tu perangai kn…klo x awl2 lg kna reject lor~~~~x peduli la apa pn  kekurangan tw kelebihan diri masing2 ya penting kmi hppy2 je~~~~kdg2 da slh fhm jga tp besa la kn~~kehidupan masing2…ada yg ok ada yg x kena trima lar..

Saturday, 2 April 2011

x pa2 mw crta pn  pasal sya.......
luvv my self daaa....@_@